How We Do It

Our Focus
is Data

Data is the electricity that powers business.

While People, Process, & Technology are core dimensions of a successful business, at 3sage Consulting we recognize that Data-Driven Enterprises are leaders in their respective industries.


We Get to Know
Your Company

Corporate Strategy

What are our Products? Who are our Customers? How do we go to Market?

Segment Strategies

What are the goals of each Segment? Are we successfully executing the Corporate Strategy?

Data Strategy

What data is necessary to deliver our Strategies? What data is necessary to measure our success?

Results are
in the Process


Identify the information necessary to measure the efficacy and efficiency of your Corporate Strategy.


Develop a technology architecture that manages standard enterprise canonicals and decouple data from applications.


Is there a process to support data management policies and procedures? Do business processes incorporate information feedback loops?


Is there ownership and accountability of Data? Develop a Data-Driven culture by moving ownership of data from IT to the Business.